Chicken Breast

with fire roasted vegetables

Seasoned and grilled chicken breast with fire roasted tomatoes, poblano peppers and tomatillos

“Excellent quality and juicy meat. Great alternative to the wraps which provide little to no protein and nutritional value”

- B.D Chicago, IL

Certified Delicious

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how juicy and flavorful this dish is. We start with generous cuts of chicken breast and season with salt, pepper and spices. A quick grilling gives the chicken a mildly smokey flavor which we round out with a mix of tangy, fire roasted vegetables. The result is a satisfying meal that’s fork tender, low in carbs, and off the chart in flavor.

Reheating Instructions

3 Steps in Under 3 Minutes
Step 1

Remove and discard protective outer film.

Step 2

Place pouch in tray, flat side up. Vent easy peel 1 inch. Microwave high for 2 mins.

Step 3

Carefully empty hot pouch into tray. Enjoy!

Step 4


All natural ingredients
Paleo and Keto diet friendly
56g of protein
Gluten free
USDA inspected

Ingredients: Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts, Tomato (Calcium Chloride), Poblanos, Tomatillos, Sea Salt, Granulated Onion, Granulated Garlic, Black Pepper.

Serving Suggestions

Sprinkle generously with freshly chopped parsley.

Pair with a spicy pinot noir

Complete your meal with fresh strawberries.