What Is Sous Vide? - firstchop

What Is Sous Vide?

What is sous vide?

Sous vide (pronounced SUE VEED) is a chefy word for the technique of cooking vacuum sealed meat in precisely heated water. The sous vide wand circulates water around the meat at the perfect temperature required to make it tender and delicious.

How is it different?

Microwave and regular ovens can leave meats dried out, tasteless and tough. Sous vide is unique in its ability to gently reheat meats from frozen or thawed, to exactly the temperature they were cooked at. The result is flavorful, tender and juicy meats.

Why does firstchop use sous vide?

We delicately season, sear and then cook our dishes using the sous vide method. With our sous vide wand, you reheat the dishes to the same temperature we cooked them at. Nothing is more effective or convenient for reheating dishes. Every dish tastes like it was just made!